[ V ] about WAR

title: In The Eyes Of A Soldier
theme: WAR


In The Eyes Of A Soldier

In the eyes of a soldier
I have a dream
To serve my country
Heart, Body and Soul
Choosing a path to make me feel whole.

Passionate eyes in disguise
Unveil the real me.

It is destined to be.

To fight for what’s right.
To serve. No questions asked.
To believe and fulfill requested tasks.

The National Anthem runs through my veins,
Flowing streams building me up to take reign.

I understand there are wars to stop, people to save.

One question,

How do I behave?

I was born with the belief of a good Samaritan,
Help those in need, and
the government.

I dream of a better world,
Although stuttering in an infinite twirl.

I dedicate my knowledge and strength upon lengths unknown,
Living, life through bullets surrounding me full blown.

You choose to sit safe inside walls and
I choose to serve my country,

You choose to judge a soldier in war.
Let me tell you this,
we do more than just act the whore.

You pay taxes for us to give our lives.
Remember, most of us end up on paper archives.
And if some of us do eventually make it alive,
we choose to step back and perhaps even prefer to hide if not die.

It is a delicate subject the army.
It is about life.
How should it be?

You have no idea what goes through my mind.
Bullets still fly by,
time to time.

It goes further than taking a moment to stand still,
Against wills,
Remembering the soldiers who lost their lives.
Take a moment to see the perspective through a soldiers eyes:

Every thought hits every second;
Every second follows to the minute;
Every minute continues to the hour;
Every hour lengthens to the day;
Every day stretches to another;
Another week; another month; another year;
And what

Is it that in a soldiers eyes we hear?
The sounds of fear.
Far and near.
Vision is no longer clear.
Built to act as robotic killing machines.

I am human, i hear the screams.
I smile it away,
Shake it off,
Recharge my gun,
Look around to realize that I am not the only one.
We are a team, a pact, a (second) family,
We choose to come together and set our country free.
We believe in becoming one, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.
Some old, some young.
We continue to react to the upper hand
Entering volcanic emotions of unknown land.

We touch your lives as everyday continues
Through News,
Primetime, daytime, special report, even breaking,

Next time you watch the News I ask you to stand still
At a hole in my heart that perhaps you can fill.

As you see images of people being killed
Imagine it could be you as the screen shot hits still.

As you hear screams of races all ages
Imagine that directly you are engaging in these twisted phases.

The story of life through a soldiers eyes,
As you touch your loved one next to you,
Imagine in one choice this could have been you.

A happy ending is what I need.
How far will I go in order to succeed.

In the eyes of a soldier is where I imagine to be
To understand the adventures of wars in humanity.

Respect I choose to feel,

In the end,
Life is real.

I chose a path to make me feel whole.
Heart, Body, and Soul.
To Respect all countries
I  dream for world peace
every night on bended knees.

In the eyes of a soldier,
Passionate eyes in disguise, blessed across seas,

In the eyes of a soldier,
Unveil the real me.



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