SPOKENWORD: Together Strong  [ Empowerment ]
date: January 28th, 2013
in collaboration with:



TIYE International,
Is relevantly essential, with high credential and elevated potential.
An umbrella for 21 National Organisations of BMR (Black, Migrant and Refugee) women in the Netherlands
Aiming to be a voice in conversation with the United Nations arising from the metaphor of dusty sands

TIYE was the name of a Nubian Queen
She was wise and powerful shifting the scene
Of a time where women were portrayed on a lower level
TIYE changed the vision and took the stance of women, to equal eye-level

TIYE International
Is relevantly valuable, wise, influential and, some might choose to say, inevitable
Targeting topics of human rights and social development
Subjects of quite deep substance, on a mission illustrating a firm stance.

Worldwide statistics have proven domestic violence to be present 1 out of 3.
Quite a shock on different levels for you and me.
Women have fought to create our modern status today
By opening closed minds, thus paving the way.

TIYE International is here to stay.

Speaking to you
Aiming to be heard
This is a treatment that us ladies no longer deserve
Stand up for your rights
TIYE will help you put up the fight

Together Strong
We create a new melody headstrong and aim to prolong
The vision of forefathers living in modern times
Underlining the ignorance of stagnated minds

Together Strong
We stand
Together Strong
We demand

A new outlook on women today
Near and far away
To be seen as equals,
Perhaps reappearing in repetitive sequels
No matter the latter
For what we choose to see
Are female minds, bodies and souls set free
Exhaling their very best assets
Embracing to forget and no longer feel regrets

Together Strong
Is what we are
Together Strong
Is where we are at
Together Strong
Is how we choose
Together Strong
Is how we belong
Together Strong
Is how we enter a new day

TIYE International is here to stay.

Worldwide being a Voice
Underlining the essence of Choice
Universally women have fought
Still today bringing water to the drought

TIYE International
Female leaders, national and international,
Paved the way of standing firm in place
No matter what colour, No matter what race

TIYE International
Chooses to stand up for female rights, national and international,
With high credential, potential, guiding governments to raise the bars
Of social structures focusing on equality, ending scars
Of irrational barriers, producing emancipated carriers
TIYE was the name of a Nubian Queen
She was wise and powerful shifting the scene, time for us to start fresh and clean,
In a time where women succeed in fulfilling their dreams
TIYE changed the vision back then, now Together Strong we commence again.



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