[ V ] about THESE DAYS


Title: These Days
Theme: Society


These Days

these days
time offers rage
racing against the clock
forcing us to follow chosen walks

these days
unleash yourself from societies cage
be on point on what you wish for
for forever is never an open door

these days
acknowledge instinctual ways
hear rhythms birds bring
aim to identify what it is they truly sing

these days
shocking news never ceases to amaze
our thoughts, our ways,
distracting our gaze
forever in tune has become a driven phase

these days
who is it we choose to raise
whilst life’s seeds purposely are planted
still babies are taken for granted

these days
near and far away
universal thoughts
of love in drought

these days
rage conquers times in each unique place
clocking races to pursue walks with masked faces
waiting for moments to erase

these days
un-tame the tame
referring back to the beautiful dame
for the future will never remain the same

these days
i accept the fruitful gaze
of life given, therefore driven,
to absorb love from above

these days
i choose to be amazed
by inner souls
making us whole.


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