Spokenword: Colonial Times

Title: Colonial Times, Yours Truly, The People

Theme: Colonial Times in reference to The Netherlands & the Status of the Monarchy.
A Tribute & Homage to Dutch Colonies
have created controversy on whether or not the Dutch Queen should remove the paintings
( representing slavery and highlighting inferiority of race )
from the sides of the National Golden Carriage.

In reference to:
Barryl Biekman, National Platform Slavery / Harry van Bommel, Member of Parliament Socialist Party / Jeffry Pondaag, Dutch Committee Debts of Honor


Colonial Times, Yours Truly, The People

Penetrate Minds
About subjects referring to Enslaved Times.

The People Question and Dare to Mention.
Human Rights are put to the Test, full of tension.

Diplomatic vibes Inscribed in our Lives
Refusing to Hold Base in Historic Archives.

The Black Page of Abolished Crimes
Turned Silent to be Left as impersonating Mimes.

We turn to Each other.
Respect One Another.
Choose to Hear
Those Lecturing from Far and Near.

The Chase of Justice for All
With No Fear to fall.

Dedicating life to Own Chosen Rhymes.
Focussing on the Memory of Enslaved Times.

A Cinderella Story of 2012,
Taking a moment to Look at Ourselves.

Continent Europe, zoomed in on the Netherlands,
City: The Hague, Government of Higher Hands.
Land symbolic for International Justice.
In the eyes of the People, will it Suffice?
The Plato Chariot Allegory
Makes way for the Netherlands and her Monarch Story.

The Monarchy of Queen Status
Raised through Colonial Awareness.
Histories of Times
Captivate Colors of our Minds
To Embrace Black Pages,
Now Demanding Center Stages,
Striving for a Pardon.
Colonized Countries have Hardened
Thoughts of ancestors of Slave Trade
Aiming for rectification of our future, still to be made.

Back to the fact of Today
The Queen of Holland, Queen Beatrix, still okay
Driving the National Golden Carriage,
First used for Marriage,
Symbolizing Slave Trade Every Year In, Every Year Out
Riding casually, Without a doubt.

Only Now Activists are making us Aware
That the random Painting on the sides of the Golden Carriage cause a Glare.
Visuals of Half naked black men and women slaves now make us stare.

Focus closer on the painting to visualize
The Disguise of a Colonized Prize.

For you to Judge what is flair.
For you to Judge what is Fair.

A fragmented Memory for those colonized too Heavy in Weight,
Choose to Acknowledge State by State.
Race Inferiority is hereby being Portrayed,
And as a result the underlining thought  of Equality is being Delayed.

Turn the Page for Future Days.
Remove the Identity of these Painted Ways.

Every second there are New Findings
While being pulled by 8 horses as the reigning monarch is riding.

April thirtieth is Queen’s Day.
This year, will she choose to look at herself in a confronting way?
Knowing the impact of riding the Carriage in these current times,
The question remains Every Prince’s day, .. .
‘ will she continue a conscious choice to ride the symbol representing war crimes? ‘

Queen Decide
Choose Another Ride
Break Away from Colonial Ties.
No longer Hide before Future Lies.

Our Intellects Advise that the Golden Carriage need to be Revised,
Removed from our Direct Eyes,
To be Transported to the National Museum
As people stand firm pronouncing Carpe Diem.

The Argument for the Golden Carriage is one that can be Understood,
It is about Respecting each other in a Futuristic Neighborhood.
The Illustration of History is therefore Mobilized.
Time and Teachings making us Realize
We Need Not be confronted with Past Slave Trade Days
As, for some, they are remembered in Horrific Ways.

Why delay what we can do Today.
Create a Gateway for Another Day.
Remove the Golden Carriage from Monarch Ties.
For it is Time to say our Goodbyes.

Perhaps another Gift will Come her way.
A Gift of the People, preferably one to stay.
Visualizing the Evolvement of Time
Perhaps resulting in a creation, Sublime.

New Ideas to Enter our Thoughts.
It is Wisdom right Now that is being Taught.

Dear Queen,

Let Us Convene.
Be a Leader of Colonial Times
And remove the Material that keeps us Blind.
Acknowledge the Offense the National Golden Carriage can have upon Others.
Allow emotion, you are a Mother.
Be our Guide,
Please, Regulate the Tide.
In One Action, Choose Another Ride.

Sincerely Yours,
Colonial Times,
Yours Truly,

The People.



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