[ V ] about BAMBOOZLED #2

SPOKENWORD: Bamboozled 2
Every year before the 5th of December
I choose to remember Spike Lee’s ‘ Bamboozled ‘
date: Dec. 5th
location: The Hague, The Netherlands


Every year before the 5th of December
I choose to remember
Spike Lee’s ‘ Bamboozled ‘

In 2000,
one dreamt of the idealistic ways of a new millennium
to step back and offer recognition
not only to the National Board of Review, USA
underlining ‘ Freedom of Expression ‘ without delay,
however, until this day
across oceans far away
still minstrels are used in quite an obscure way.

Foundations against slavery
have fought organisations such as UNESCO
in search of a reciprocative value of understanding high and low
however, until this day
the subject of portraying the use of minstrels to our offspring seems to be regarded as ‘ O.K. ‘

In 2012,
one dreamt of idealistic ways, giving birth to new born days,
to take a moment to reflect
that what was done in the past can pass as defect.
however, until this day
i choose to remain on neutral ground in a subtle way
minstrels must be of the past and go away.

To be informative
one must say
that the 5th of December in The Netherlands
is known to be a traditional day
Internationally known as Sint Nicolaas

Ring a bell?
wait a moment for there is a story to tell
colonialization is something that can change a nation
more than just material inflation
one can sustain that there are elements to this day
that perhaps, might be wise, in modern day, to stay away.

There are freedom fighters even in The Netherlands you see
that have got a story to tell for both you and me
Some take offense of minstrel use uplifting racial violation
In not only one nation
But this time a worldwide ration
‘ Bamboozled ‘ is what I choose to say
as 2014 should have indeed been a modern day.

To continue the story
In full glory
Internationally known as Sint Nicolaas
Is not only celebrated in The Netherlands
but also in other Dutch colonised lands,
It is not directly Sinterklaas,
The dutch version of Santa Claus,
that some have misconceptions of
yet it is for reasons that should be understood from up above
that minstrel ways
are no longer ok
let us investigate
and let me elaborate
Sinterklaas gets help by Zwarte Pieten you see
In english known as Black Peters, at first glance quite innocent for you and me
Portraying themselves as the ‘ help ‘ of Sinterklaas in a peculiar way
The Black Peters help gather, carry, bring presents through a chimney on this particular day
the 5th of December
Choose to remember
2014 minstrels of our modern day

being in a bi-racial relationship myself
with a family where color is not merely our only wealth
i notice the offense one can take
in understanding that the portrayal of Zwarte Pieten these days is indeed a mistake.

It confuses our offspring
It creates uneasiness amongst generations from both black and white descent
It enhances a universal respect to be owned
and cries for a change of way in our modern day.

white people painted black
portrayed to be funny, clumsy, with a feather on the hat,
make our children laugh
but also make our colored children question
without even having to mention
eyes speak louder than words
silent questions can indeed be heard
once open to recognizing
that what was once in the past,
where minstrel use did give a laugh,
should make way
for another way
a substitute
i will contribute
perhaps a change in storyline
where the Zwarte Piet disappears and we become blind
to racial remarks day by day
coming forth due to this particular festive day

why not erase the minstrel effect
i do not suggest to neglect the festive aspect
just change
as times evolve to a different range
one can use colored ‘ confetti ‘ helps for Sinterklaas on this day
perhaps even change the Zwarte Piet into a child in display
Imagine a scene
of Sinterklaas no longer obscene
Minstrels away
to hide back in historic days
modern times open their blinds
to see watered and fruited minds
Sinterklaas portrayed in a way
that makes all races smile in a brand new phase
some might say even with an idealistic face
happiness, laughter, smiles for all people of each race

So imagine
A remaining festive day
portrayed only in a new modern way
The ‘ help ‘ , Zwarte Pieten, have been exchanged for children
Children presented in confetti colored ways
winking at the controversy spent amongst this day
and smiling, laughing, creating happiness
underlining universal love for color worldwide in sweet caress, no longer stressed.

I believe it might be time for a ‘Bamboozled’ number two Spike Lee
for there are minds in The Netherlands of diverse offspring that need to be set free
and maybe one day UNESCO will finally take the repair in its own hands
realizing there is a demand
from the underdog, the low
from opinions of UN’s Shepherd volunteer, the high
to rise
erase minstrel use
and glorify
a new outlook
a new day
in correct use
and taking all offense away.




7 thoughts on “[ V ] about BAMBOOZLED #2

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