[ V ] about RACISM

titel: Color Scheme
theme: Racism
date: February 7, 2012


Color Scheme

2012 and we still see color.
When did color become a negative thing?
When all these colors used to make us
dance and sing.
Misunderstood dialogues of black and white
Continue to be a neverending fight.
It takes a man such as *Morgan Freeman for some to see
That there is in fact no difference between you and me.
Malcom X said it in his ‘ human being ’ verse,
Yet, still it seems the core remains unheard.
black / white
white / black
What is color?
To u?
To me?
Color is what I see.
Do I see you as you see me?
Thoughts of how it should be.
You and me.
We all have a scheme in life.
Some think it is black,
Some think it is white.
Let us take a look at the color scheme.
Black, is all colors mixed.
White, is known not to be a color.
Yet, why is it that some of us are blind
To the neverending historical climaxes of our mind?
and we still see color.
Realize color is,
continues to be,
a positive thing.
It is these colors that make us dance and sing.
Miss understood dialogues to erase
The color of this oblivious neverending chase.
Black or white.
White or black.
It now remains a matter of fact
Color your life the way you choose.
or white,
Or filled with light.

It takes a moment in life to see
The fact,
that there is no difference between u and me
Assume there is,
In which place would you be?
A lost soul driven by fear
pushes you away rather than keep you near.
Open your mind to higher heights
Attempt to unveil that what is right is right

As Curtis Mayfield puts it, ‘remember your dream is your only scheme.. ‘
so keep on pushing’ – move on up.

Because this color scheme, …

I have had enough.

* inspired by Morgan Freeman’s interview on black history month.


One thought on “[ V ] about RACISM

  1. Fantastisch initiatief Vanessa. Kom eens een keer langs dan kan je ook informatie
    verkrijgen uit de boeken die ik in het kader van Black History tot mijn beschikking heb.


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