[ V ] ‘s FAMILY : Desta Ivy

titel: Desta Ivy Is Her Name
theme: Children
date: 2011


Desta Ivy Is Her Name

desta ivy,
is her name.

the blessed gift from heaven
we were to gain.
filling our lives with nothing but love.
a smile to see
for you and me
she entered life a struggle and a fight,
but aims to make all wrongs right.
a joyous world she gave to us.
started with the soul
searching instincts of a parasite.
this little girl gave us life.
life we did have before.
but, it is another life.
a life,
we just cannot ignore.

a creation of two
to sculpt the new version of you.

desta ivy,
is your name.



2 thoughts on “[ V ] ‘s FAMILY : Desta Ivy

  1. I couldn’t be more overjoyed for you, my dear. Cheers to the continuation of a legacy of brilliance. Praying and wishing the best for you always, my friend.

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