[ V ] about HerSTORY

titel: herSTORY; To Love Life
theme: a little bit of history
date: 2010


HerSTORY; To Love Life

i think i need to tell you what it has been like,

what it is like,

to be a young woman in life.

struggling you see
everyday a fight
when all i want to do
is reciprocate what mother nature gave me

and that is,
to love life.

so, i will put down my pride
and take you for a ride.

it is me you see

from now on you will know me as ‘ V ‘
connecting the dots will set you free.

1980 is when i was born in the new york of U.S.A.
a land ‘ statuting ‘ the feeling of liberty.
hey, let us not talk about the misery,
because some parts of ‘ V ‘ choose to remain a mystery.
three years later travelled the oceans to warsaw, poland,
destination was Miles Davis’s climax at the Jazz Jamboree
The title of his Grand Finale
‘ Speak ‘
and that is what i intend to do


my mind.

set it free.


this is ‘ V ‘

1985 i moved to Antwerp.
a feeling of audacity
was confronted with my heritage you see.
young and innocent i enjoyed life’s escapades.
entertainment with two Japs by my side
made me change my ways.

indonesian blood runs through my veins,
never ran so deep due to loco motives through planes
bringing me overseas
to red dusted land
broadening my horizons
landing on the west coast of africa.
a different type of sand.
abidjan to be precise.
I want to tell you what comes here, there, after
another moment of life.
Alpha Blondie was from this place
communicated political views through music and humoristic ways.
it is here where i was free
pioneering through life’s miseries.
simply growing up in the jungle
has ironically taught me to

1990 hit me with reality whilst journeying to the netherlands
lifting me to take another stance.
it was justice i was seeking in this land of romance.
stumbling and falling,
not listening to what was calling,
four years later ended up in the country of E.U.

Brussels is where i finished high school.
not knowing which direction to take,
having no fear of making another mistake.
i encountered relationships,
international and national,
irrational and rational,
but brussels is what scarred my soul.
mental, physical abuse had changed my ways.
the innocence of a young pioneering woman was shattered,
no longer whole.
escape i sought in the academy of arts.
trying to understand all these different hearts.
searching for peace of mind.
i had no idea of what i would find.
the dots that had initially started off to set me free
kept me in strict captivity.
a soul that grew up so free
has experienced not one life,
but many lives you see.

i decided to fly

this time further

to create my own destiny

started a ‘ revolocean ‘ in the caribbean.
decided to help others with their fleeing.
my own company arose
only to be stolen from people that came too close.
when all i was doing was traveling the ocean,
trying a different potion,
wanting to reciprocate,
no longer desiring to feel this feeling of hate.

I don’t think i need to tell you what it is like
struggling through this thing we call life.

i have observed different cultures
i have analysed diverse behaviors
i have noticed my neighbors

through my journey the hate that produced hate brought me nowhere
my skin remains just as fair

fair? got a tint, still placing me nowhere.
black or white
white or black
it is time we start reading the lines in between.
women stand up for your rights.
it is time we start winning these fights.

it is more than beauty you see
it is surviving times in me

times of battery
times of sexual enslavery
times of repression
times of aggression
times of mirroring the devil back upon you
times of acknowledging the new who?

the new you.

seeing you all here is uplifting

all women rise
like the sun every morning
like the birds when they sing

all women rise
because there is a new light
we need to bring

it is leaders i see in front of me,
a network of individuals reflecting thee.

it is leaders i see in front of me,
pleasure us all
set us free.

I’d like to close with Candi Statons ‘ a new taste of love ‘
as this is what you have shown to me


creating history.

thank you.

this was V.



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