who is [ V ]

Vanessa Codfried – Beltgens a.k.a. ‘ V ‘

This lady was born in New York, owns both American and Dutch nationalities under Dutch Indonesian Blood. She has lived a diplomatic nomadic lifestyle in which she grew up in Ivory Coast, West Africa. She is a woman of flesh and blood. She appeared during an open mic @the Argan Cafe in Amsterdam performing Spokenword (The ‘V’ That Was Unleashed When The X Was Set Free) in a tribute performance for Malcom X, also mainstreamed online in New York on February 21st, 2010. Since, she did a Spoken-word piece (All Women Rise) @the Women’s Inc. Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, as a part of ‘ Word Witches a.k.a. Woordwijven ‘. Spokenword (It is a Warrior Feeling that I Feel Inside 1) @Def Comedy Da Bounce Rotterdam + Spokenword (It is a Warrior Feeling that I Feel Inside 2) @Amsterdam. On May 31st she had 2 performances; Performing Spokenword@RE:Definition in the Paradiso, Amsterdam & was blessed to be asked for the Opening of Woorden Worden Zinnen (Where Words become Sentences) in Dordrecht performing ‘ Love of Life, World Cup South Africa.’ July 3rd, 2010 @The International Conference for HUMAN RIGHTS @Felix Meritis @Amsterdam, she performed a piece using the metaphor of the game of ‘ soccer ‘ for the social issue ‘ global mass production’. Her last performance was @Culture Festival Almere (city next to Amsterdam) where she took part in a Theatre Show (duration 1 hour). The Title of Play ‘ The Word Master LOGOS and his 4 Goddesses of the Night ‘, in which V performs ‘ A Goddess of Love, Passion and Dignity ‘.

Next to performing she is an Artist & a Dancer.

Her message: L O V E  ->  L I F E . ‘ Clarify your vision to sweet pure precision. ‘

*Since her open mic @the Malcom X Tribute in Amsterdam she was booked for the above mentioned performances. Her journey got put on hold due to the birth of her daughter. Yet, now she is back, back on track. Be prepared to be in awe :0  Enjoy the ride 😀

2012 was a year offering [ V ] Empowerment Speeches to diverse foundations and governmental organisations.

2013 will further open the gate for more.. .
another baby boy and fresh new beginnings… . life goes beyond a nutshell. ..
my boy Marley Cassius was diagnosed with severe VUR so that has been my priority.

2014 my time WILL come.
New beginnings. Planning ways. Enjoying life. Creating Possibilities.

one L O ‘ V ‘ E .


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