Mother or Not, the Gift is the Same

When creativity ran dry I realized that, once again, sometimes words aren’t enough so, again, I try to share and be a voice.

Whatever you call yourself at the end of the day doesn’t matter.

You see, I am a mother of two: a beautiful girl named Desta Ivy 2,5 years of age and
a handsome young chap of barely 9 months going by the name of Marley Cassius.

Every day, in and out, they are the sunshines of my life.

And yes, my life has changed abruptly the last three years. From being an independent/ freelancer focusing on corporate responsibility in its broadest sense, salsa dance teacher with a touch of Egyptian belly dance, graphic designer, artist evolving to flowing poetry in spoken-word, motivational speaker, and a woman, also preaching empowerment, in this male dominated society still, I quite enjoy the status of now.

The status of motherhood.

So after having been interrupted now for countless times by my lovely children and a couple of endless moments further, let me attempt to continue my writings and reach the core.

There was a feeling today as I looked in the light of my daughters eyes and held the innocent dependent body of my son against my chest. A feeling that cannot compare or even do just to any other feeling. It is that smile within, that warmth all throughout your body, that endless grin forever imprinted, internally and externally that conquered my heart and told me to share.

I can best compare it to a dream I once had. The feeling was mesmerising. I woke up ecstatic to tell my husband, who in return gave me the cold shoulder, and had an intense desire to share what I had just experienced in my unconscious being.

The artist in me will try to paint you a picture perfect of an ocean view, a calm sea, graphically represented with tropical aquarel colourful solid shades and tints forming a life size aquarium open and free in nature. From the calm surface tropical fish coated with bright colours jump out of the calm surface, suddenly, only to create a still snap-shot freezing the moment for a couple of seconds. In just a few seconds we go from living in a constant rotating society to a still image. Even though nothing effects our hearing capacity at that precise moment, the static scenery create a deafness to focus only on what we see. In this case, a live painting of nature. If only we could experience this feeling daily.

As our world rotates we become oblivious to the true gift lying in front of us.

The gift of life.

Mother or not, the gift is the same.

Why complain?

I can only speak of my own experience and say that due to my motherhood and my children I enjoy this particular feeling of the gift everyday. And am thankful.

I am a stay at home mom, a housewife, taking care of her children 24/7. My parents and sister live abroad and I have not had a get away or break. But it is OK.

Do not get me wrong, it is not easy, and there are tough times. Relationship-wise, mama-wise, and life-wise.

But the love of my life, correction, loves of my life keep me going and challenging myself to be the best I can. And, might I say, with a smile, I am proud to be doing it all on my own.

Be grateful for all you have and allow light to shine within and stream outwards to all you see and touch.

The status of motherhood.

A status of beauty.

A status of life.

A status of nature.


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